Restorative Dentistry

Restorative Dentistry

Are you missing one or all of your teeth? Restorative dentistry can repair and restore the natural look of your smile. With restorative dentistry treatments, you can smile with confide

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Charpentier Family Dentistry offers premium quality restorative services in a spa-like atmosphere. We take your mind off being at the dentist’s with our comfort menu and friendly chairside manner. We offer services ranging from simple fillings to advanced dental implants, and even offer advanced iTero® digital scanning technology to optimize your treatment outcome.

Restorative Dentistry Services:

iTero® Intraoral Digital Scanner

Accurate impressions are critical for optimal treatment planning. For patients undergoing restorative dental treatments, Dr. Charpentier use the iTero® scanner to create highly accurate digital models of your oral anatomy. iTero® scans are fast, comfortable, and accurate, which makes the entire process more efficient.

This advanced dental technology allows our dentists to show your possible smile outcome side-by-side with your current smile. It also features a touch-screen tool that lets Dr. Charpentier make real-time adjustments to the projected smile outcome for each patient, so if you’re not satisfied with what you’re seeing, our New Iberia dental team can make a few adjustments until it’s just right.


Tooth-Colored Fillings

For small cavities, tooth colored fillings are an excellent choice. To protect your overall health, Dr. Charpentier only use mercury-free fillings to treat cavities. Not only are they safer, but they’re also more attractive.


Dental Crowns

Our New Iberia dentist office offers full-coverage crowns, made from luminous porcelain and Zirconia materials. These restorations offer beautiful aesthetic results that protect your natural tooth from further damage or decay. They’re also perfect for topping off your implants.


CEREC Same Day Crowns

Dr. Charpentier is certified to use the CEREC crown restoration system. This system makes it possible for patients to receive a customized crown on the same day of their appointment rather than having to wait 2 weeks for a crown to be created and placed. Luminous CEREC crowns are high quality restorations customized to your oral environment and carefully matched to your tooth color!


Dental Bridges

You don’t have to live with a gap in your smile! Our New Iberia practice offers dental bridges, oral prostheses made up of two or more crowns that fill a gap in missing teeth. The crown on either end is called an “abutment,” and is bonded onto existing teeth to support the bridge.


Implant Retained Dentures

Charpentier Family Dentistry patients can be more confident during their daily activities with the superior chewing and speaking functions our durable implant retained dentures provide. Charpentier Family Dentistry offers All-on-4® and All-on-6® dental implants, revolutionary treatments to restore your smile and quality of life! Our specialist can install your implants and temporary prosthesis in just one appointment.


Full Mouth Reconstruction

Loss of your natural teeth, whether due to an accident or as part of the aging process, can be traumatic and affect your outlook on life. With the help of full mouth reconstruction, there are many options to restore your smile even if you have suffered extensive tooth loss.


Inlays and Onlays

Dental inlays and onlays are used to repair teeth in the back of your mouth when they have suffered mild to moderate decay. They can also be used to treat fractured teeth that aren’t damaged severely enough to need a crown.



For patients missing all their teeth, we offer traditional dentures to give you back the function, feel and appearance of your natural teeth. For optimal aesthetics, we also offer Valplast, flexible smile replacements for partial areas of missing teeth. If you already have dentures, but hate the way they fit, we offer an implant retainment option for greater stability. We can even retro-fit your existing dentures to snap into place!

Denture Repair and Denture Stabilization

Are your existing dentures broken, loose and causing you discomfort? Charpentier Family Dentistry can repair your denture, or even eliminate the problem of slippery dentures through using dental implants. Once implants are placed, we will fit your dentures with attachments that allow the implants to hold your dentures firmly in place. No more sliding around and discomfort!

Pinhole® Gum Rejuvenation

Receding gums can weaken your teeth, cause root damage and even lead to tooth loss. Through Pinhole® Gum Rejuvenation, receding gums are stabilized without using traditional surgical procedures such as cutting, grafting and stitches. This minimally invasive procedure can restore years to your smile and improve your overall health. We bring in a specialist certified in Pinhole® Surgical Technique to help our patients with gum recession!


Root Canals

Does the mention of “root canals” give you chills? Don’t let it! Modern root canals are painless, routine procedures. If you have an infected tooth, it is important to act quickly to treat it before it becomes abscessed, which can lead to other health complications. We provide root canal services on anterior teeth, which includes your incisors and canine teeth. For posterior teeth, we refer our patients out to a skilled endodontist.

If you are in need of restorative dentistry care, don’t let your problem get any worse! Charpentier Family Dentistry offers deluxe dental services in a spa-like atmosphere. Call our New Iberia office today to schedule an appointment.

We specialize in comprehensive cosmetic dentistry solutions to help you mask the appearance of dark, discolored, or irregularly shaped teeth.

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