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Posted December 14, 2021 / Blog, Dental News
Dr. Charpentier

Fun Dental Facts – Did You Know?

Dentistry is serious medicine, and daily oral hygiene is a top priority. But teeth can be pretty fun, too—not to mention fascinating. For starters, have you ever seen the full sets of baby teeth and adult teeth present in a child’s head x-ray? Go ahead, look it up. There are tons of interesting dental facts […]

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Posted April 27, 2020 / Blog, Dental News
Dr. Charpentier

Dentists Are Doctors, Too!

There are many kinds of doctors—Doctors of English, Doctors of Philosophy, Doctors of Medicine, Dr. Pepper… (wink). Of course, when we use the term doctor, we most often mean a physician or Doctor of Medicine. But did you know that dentists are doctors, too? Every doctor has a specialty, and a dentist’s specialty is oral […]

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