Help Your Little Superhero Fight Bad Breath Bugs

Posted on May 13th, 2021

New Iberia dentist, Dr. Charpentier at Charpentier Family Dentistry tells parents what could be causing their child’s bad breath and how to help them treat it.Bad breath stinks, doesn’t it? Pardon the silly pun, but we think some icebreakers (get it, like the mint?) can make it easier to jump into what might be less than comfortable subjects. How do we know it isn’t a comfortable subject? Well, the fear of bad breath is so common, there’s even a name for the extreme fear of it: halitophobia.  

Most children don’t experience this fear, which can be viewed as both a little bit of a blessing and a little bit of curse—you don’t want them to feel any anxiety, of course, but you do want them to take great care of their smile, which can help keep bad breath at bay.

Is Your Child’s Breath as Sweet as They Are?

If your little one leans in to give you a big smooch and you notice they’ve got what is sometimes referred to as dragon breath, you’ll probably tell them to go brush their teeth. If so, that’s a great place to start, because a lack of consistency and effective technique when it comes to oral hygiene tends to be the main cause of unpleasant oral odors.

There are other potential causes to be aware of, and we’d be happy to discuss them with you if their bad breath persists even after they’ve done a great job flossing and brushing. 

Contact Charpentier Family Dentistry with any questions or concerns you have—your New Iberia dentist, Dr. Charpentier is a skilled dragon breath tamer!


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